Julien gauthier bangkokxxiii street360 v001 006 1
Julien gauthier 40

Original render from Octane

Julien gauthier 38

Other point of view

Julien gauthier 39

Scene Layout

Julien gauthier 31

Assets I built and textured or free model found on internet.

Julien gauthier 36

Buildings made myself or from google wharehouse, then textured using procedural shaders

Julien gauthier 37

Inspired by the universe in The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi.
I wanted to try doing a panoramic painting for the longest time. I thought the street would be a good start for it.

I spent a bit of time doing some 3D assets to help me with the light and perspective.
I wanted to work on them so I could re-use them for future ideas. They are either made by me or found on the internet. For instance, the train station is from Google Warehouse. I textured them loosely, with a mix of procedural and photos, as I would paint over them in the end.

I struggled with the crowd and characters and I need to work more in this area!

Be sure to watch it full screen!
Enjoy! :)